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Emergency  locksmith

in Samara


 Opening of room 

Opening of room locks without damage to

the door

from 20$

 Unlock Car 

Unlock cars

of all brands without damage

from 30$

 Opening of safe box 

Opening and maintenance service

of safes all brands

from 30$

 Repair locks 

Replacement and maintenance of locks of any complexity

from 20$


About Us

Our locksmiths have a great experience in opening and repairs of locks. Definitely they are real professionals in their field. We can help you not only to unlock door, unlock car or unlock safe,

but also to make a key to your lock, to perform repair and replacement of lock if necessary.

There are quite different situations when you may need help of Service Samara locksmiths.

For example, if door has closed, or key broke in lock, or you lost keys. The smartest decision would be to try open the lock with the reserve key. If you don't have a reserve key, or it doesn't

works, it's necessary to call locksmith. He will open the door, carry out maintenance of lock or repair it and, if necessary, will replace lock.  Common situation is locked keys in car. The main is not to panick. Think where the reserve key may be. If you don't have it, it's better to call locksmith, he will help you to open your car, keeping integrity of car glass. Replacement of even cheap car glass will lead to additional costs on dismantling, installation and cleaning vehicle interior from splinters.

Locksmiths of Service Samara provide services on door locks unlock, car locks unlock,

safe locks unlock, door repair, lock replacement and making keys to locks 24/7. 


Services are provided only to owner upon presenting documents proving property rights.

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